Sunday, December 23, 2012

Making a list. . .

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Wanted to let you know what's been happening around here, but I'll have to do that later.  Right now I'm trying to cross things off my list(s).  My husband thinks I've been making too many lists lately, but boy howdy, if it weren't for those lists I wouldn't know what to do next and I know I would forget something really important.

I don't always finish my list for the day.  Don't know if you can see it, but on Monday I was on an ugly sweater hunt.  That means just what it says, I was hunting for an ugly Christmas sweater.  If it's not crossed off the list, it didn't get done that day.  Saw lots of those things on the internet, but didn't get one.  Never did get it crossed off the list and decided it didn't really need to be on the next list.

Notice "finish Betsy's scarf" was on the list for several days.  Finally got to cross it off the list on Friday.   And if you were worried about "Justin and Alyce" - I got them taken care of, too.

"Blog" has been on the list for several days (but in my heart every day).  So now I can cross that baby off the list.

Can we just pause for a moment and admire the awesome centerpiece that my son made for his friend's rehearsal dinner.  He made 29 of those things.  More on that later (I promise, I'll put it on the list).

 And got this one done - it was on the list under "baking." So now I've almost completed my Sunday list.  Still have to pack, but will have to do that tomorrow - because there are only 15 more minutes left in this day.  So before I head off to bed - I know that's not on my list, but it really is necessary - let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  1. Whew! My head is spinning! You must feel great! I'm a non-list maker. Tried the whole Franklin planner once -- bought it, filled it out, and then life always has a way of squeezing in and pushing my to-do's off the page. Then I was a day behind already on the first day.

    Until my memory goes, I only calender appts.
    German Chocolate Cake? My favorite. With all your plans, remember . . . "Life's uncertain -- eat dessert first." Let's have a great new year!


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